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Tuesday, June 11th @ 7 pm EST

Learn How We're Building Legacy Wealth

in Our Community Starting with MOM.

The Black Wall Street USA IT Council initiative, "Make Own Money Stream" (M.O.M.S), a SAAS program for Black moms aspiring to create generational wealth has launched a new webinar series:

Teach Moms How to Create Legacy Wealth.

M.O.M.S is a program designed to teach women how to use SASS to help create passive income by helping local businesses with attracting new clients and increasing their revenue. Participants receive training in the use of software, lead generation strategy and personalized guidance to set goals and cultivate a positive mindset. The program's focal point is on delivering continuous value to businesses and establishing a sustainable income stream.

This new series is a game changer for Moms looking for a vehicle to earn enough passive income to afford their lifestyle as well as provide them the information they need to sustain their new wealth.

The four-month series will include topics such as Million Dollar Baby Plan, Estate Preservation, Wills, Life Insurance, Financial Goal Setting, Strategies to Pursue Your Goal, led by Jaquez X. Baldwin, Director with The World Changers & Kenney Emanuel, Founder of CEO Syndicate

In addition to financial strategies, the series will include a Path to Home Ownership led by Muriel Thompson, President of Denver National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) and Shelley Hodge, Owner of Town & Country Realty, the oldest standing Black Real Estate Firm in Denver, CO.

The series will also include guest speakers Portia Prescott, President of the Rocky Mountain NAACP Conference, she will discuss the state of Black America and Antonio Navarro, Director of the Black Wall Street USA IT Council and founder of Avarr Webbing to discuss AI and how it is affecting the white-collar workforce.

Tuesday June 11th at 7:00 PM EST and is Free to attend.

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Unlock the secrets to scaling your business and transitioning from being entangled in day-to-day operations to steering the direction of your business. Discover proven methods that facilitate growth and empower you to shift from working in your business to strategically working on its expansion.

#3 Secret to Creating Generational Wealth

Unlock the key to transforming income into generational wealth with guidance from a skilled Financial Advisor.

Join our program to take part in the journey towards homeownership, where we connect you with experienced professionals such as a Mortgage Broker and Realtist.


Irena Navarro, Founder of M.O.M.S (Make Own Money Stream)

Antonio Navarro, Founder & CEO of Avarr Webbing, National Director of Black Wall Street USA IT Council

Kenney Emmanuel, CEO & Founder of CEO Syndicate, Powered by Vantage Financial

Jaquez Baldwin, Co-Founder of CEO Syndicate, LLC & The Wealth Hub

Portia Prescott, President of the Rocky Mountain NAACP Conference

Muriel Thompson, President of National Association of Real Estate Brokers

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